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3 Things to Know About Microdermabrasion

Over the years, the skin can change in appearance in many ways. That smooth, moist skin surface of your youth gradually develops dry patches, fine lines, and wrinkles. Rich, even skin tone gives way to dark spots or light patches. For some, full-blown skin conditions like acne and rosacea become a problem. Microdermabrasion, a fast,Read More

Does Microdermabrasion Work for Acne?

Acne is a psychologically debilitating condition that can impact both men and women in the teen years and well into adulthood. While acne is not considered a severe medical issue in most cases, the social implications have led to many treatment options to help reduce symptoms and manage the condition. While there continues to beRead More

Best Treatments for Pigment and Age Spots

If you’ve begun to notice that the skin on your face and hands are showing increasing amounts of dark spots or changing pigmentation, you’re not alone. A variety of factors contribute to these issues, but at The Vein Care Center, we can help you address them efficiently and effectively. What are Age Spots and Pigmentation?Read More

Your Summer-Ready Package

Summer has officially arrived, but many of us have already been celebrating the warmer weather for many weeks. As we play in the sun, we may notice those UV rays taking a toll on our skin. To ensure a healthy glow for the entire summer season and into the fall months, we have a fewRead More

Microdermabrasion – What is it Exactly?

Microdermabrasion is a gentle exfoliation using “salt-like crystals”. The handheld device glides over the skin, gently delivering the crystals across the skin in a sweeping motion, removing dry skin and exfoliating the area(s) treated. The microdermabrsion is a stand-alone treatment that many use as maintenance for smooth, vibrant skin. However, it is also more effectiveRead More

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