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For Referring Doctors

For Referring Doctors

Physician Information & Referral

Dr. Aggarwal and the Vein Care Center team focuses on venous treatment and the treatment of Lymphedema. That means your patients will receive comprehensive venous care in an accredited facility. Our facility is the only private office in the region accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission for venous ultrasound. All of our ultrasonographers are registered and certified to provide the most comprehensive deep and superficial venous mapping.

Symptoms your patients may have: leg swelling, pain, cramps, restless legs, skin changes, varicose veins, spider veins or ulcers. We work closely with all of our referring physicians and primary care physicians to optimize patient care, results, and communication. If you have a patient who has had a wound for quite some time and has never assured that it is not venous-related, we strongly recommend a consultation with our office. Venous ulcers are not being treated in a timely manner in our community.

Our treatments are done in office, out-patient, under local anesthesia. Patients require 3-5 days off work. They are not required to be on bed rest. In fact, we ask they keep active after their treatment with minimal restrictions. Insurance companies do cover treatments and we take care of all pre-determination approvals. All insurance companies do require that patients wear compression stockings for 6 weeks to 3 months (depending on insurance company) prior to submitting for approval.

Compression Stockings: If your patient has signs and symptoms of venous disease and they do not have arterial insufficiency (ABI less than 0.7), they can wear compression stockings (20-30mmHG) daily. If they have symptoms in the thigh or varicose veins, they will require thigh high or pantyhose compression stockings. We do carry these in our office and will be happy to fit your patient at their appointment. If your patient is wearing compression stockings, please ask them to not wear them for 48-72 hours prior to their appointment.

Appointments: We will do a full consultation when you refer your patient to us. That means we will do a thorough ultrasound to look at the deep veins, superficial veins and perform a clinical visit. The appointment will last approximately an hour. The patient may call and make a free screening appointment as well for any of our services.

Continuing Medical Education (CME): Dr. Aggarwal also is a preceptor for any physician who wishes to receive training or education regarding venous disease and treatment through the American College of Phlebology Preceptorship Program. CME is awarded through the Academy of Medicine of Lima/Allen County and costs $50/hour of CME. Please contact Dr. Aggarwal at for more information.

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