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LaseMD Ultra

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Your skin defines you. When your skin is flawless, lacking imperfections, it can produce a youthful, glowing quality that makes you shine in the crowds. Healthy-looking skin means a greater sense of self-confidence and giving off a more fantastic impression to others. Yet, maintaining your skin’s vitality is no easy task. Every day your skin is influenced by internal and external forces. The sun’s rays can gradually cause sunspots to form. Your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin declines, resulting in lines and wrinkles. Oils can clog your pores, causing acne. Many issues can make your skin into something you don’t exactly wish defined you. Thankfully, it is possible to correct a wide array of cosmetic imperfections with the technologically-advanced LaseMD Ultra laser.

The LaseMD Ultra is a skin resurfacing treatment that utilizes non-ablative technology to remove blemishes from your skin. If you’re a resident of northwestern Ohio and have skin imperfections that are taking a toll on your confidence, please contact the Vein Care Center at 419-227-4472 or visit our contact page to schedule a LaseMD Ultra consultation.

What Is LaseMD Ultra?

LaseMD Ultra is a revolutionary cosmetic technology that features a 1927 non-ablative fractional laser. Fractional lasers are incredibly unique because they treat small portions of the skin at a time, allowing surrounding skin tissues to remain intact. The LaseMD Ultra creates thousands of tiny micro-channels just below your skin’s top layers to prompt your skin’s natural healing process. By doing so, your skin will replace old and damaged skin cells with healthier ones. This improved cell turnover rate can significantly improve the appearance of certain cosmetic blemishes, including skin discoloration and textural inconsistency. The process will also have a healing effect on your skin’s deeper layers, which will stimulate your collagen production, lessening the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Compared to fractional lasers, which completely remove the top layer of the skin, LaseMD Ultra’s utilization of non-ablative technology allows for a quicker recovery time.

Who Is a Good LaseMD Ultra Candidate?

LaseMD Ultra is an excellent treatment for treating skin blemishes on the face, neck, chest, hands, arms and shoulders. Cosmetic concerns that LaseMD Ultra can treat include:

The treatment can also be combined with a specially formulated proprietary blend called KeraFactor to treat baldness. For this treatment, known as KeraLase, the LaseMD Ultra is introduced to the scalp to create micro-lesions, through which the proprietary blend is introduced to stimulate hair growth.

During an initial consultation with our LaseMD Ultra providers, they will assess your cosmetic concerns and determine if LaseMD Ultra is a suitable treatment.

How Is LaseMD Ultra Performed?

During your LaseMD Ultra treatment, a numbing cream may be applied to help mitigate any discomfort. Once your skin is prepped, your treatment provider will pass the handheld LaseMD Ultra laser across your treatment area. You may experience a warm, tingling sensation as the laser penetrates your skin, but this is a generally tolerable experience, so you should not worry. The entire procedure is relatively quick. Depending on your treatment area’s size and the number of treated areas, your LaseMD Ultra treatment is five to 20 minutes or longer potentially.

When Will I Notice My LaseMD Ultra Results?

Immediately after treatment, your skin will look like it has a sunburn. Redness and minor swelling will also be noticeable for at most a couple of days. These are normal side effects that are minor in comparison to ablative laser treatments. You will also be able to return to normal activities immediately after treatment. Makeup can be applied one day after.

Over the course of approximately one week, your skin’s texture will become drier. This dryness is a normal part of the healing process and is a sign that the treatment worked. Your skin will gradually exfoliate and transform into a fresher, brighter complexion. Usually, the healing process takes five to seven days, unveiling your results. Over the next several months, you may notice your results continue to improve as your collagen production continues to increase. Your skin will be visibly younger, tighter and fresh with vitality.

Schedule a LaseMD Ultra Consultation at Vein Care Center

Having healthy skin that lacks imperfections is a desirable quality. When your skin appears flawless, it can be greatly beneficial for your confidence by making you stand out from the crowds. LaseMD Ultra is a unique laser that can effectively treat your cosmetic concerns without causing severe side effects or requiring significant downtime. Acne, lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin texture, among other cosmetic flaws, can all be improved upon with LaseMD Ultra, making your skin fresh and revitalized.

If you are a resident of northwestern Ohio struggling with cosmetic blemishes and are interested in learning more about LaseMD Ultra, please contact Vein Care Center at 419-227-4472 or visit our contact page. We can schedule a LaseMD Ultra consultation with you and assess your skin’s condition.

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