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truSculpt Body Sculpting

truSculpt Body Sculpting

truSculpt flex and truSculpt iD

Attaining the body you want is difficult. Hours of work need to be put in at the gym, and frequent healthy eating is a must. Not to mention, for many people, the body can harbor unwanted pockets of fat that make achieving bodily goals even more difficult. Pockets of fat can build up in areas that can make it seem as though you do not go to the gym at all. Your abdomen, arms and legs, among other areas, can all harbor unwanted fat. These issues are not because you are not putting enough effort into your workouts or eating healthy enough, but are potentially the result of your genetics. Yes, attaining the body you want can be difficult. However, with the help of aesthetic technologies, it does not have to be.

At Vein Care Centre of northwestern Ohio, we offer the best in aesthetic treatments. TruSculpt flex and truSculpt iD are technologically advanced treatments that can boost your beauty by building muscle or shedding fat, respectively. If you are interested in learning more about these treatments, please contact us today at 419-227-4472 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation.

What Is truSculpt flex?

TruSculpt flex is a muscle-sculpting treatment that can be customized to a patient’s unique goals. The treatment improves muscle tone in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. TruSculpt flex can treat eight areas of the body simultaneously in either one 15 minute session or one 45 minute session. Remarkable results can be attained in as little as four treatment sessions. No anesthesia is required to perform the treatment.

The muscle-sculpting device essentially mimics workouts, such as squats and crunches, to strengthen parts of the body that are not responding well to diet and exercise. TruSculpt flex utilizes multi-dimensional stimulation (MDS) technology to replicate an intensive workout. The electrical muscle stimulation device induces more muscle contractions than regular physical activity, resulting in increased muscle mass and endurance. The treatment can be performed on men and women desiring a more toned physique.

What Is truSculpt iD?

TruSculpt iD differs from truSculpt flex because instead of helping build muscle, truSculpt iD destroys fat cells to create a more contoured image. The non-surgical body contouring treatment utilizes monopolar radiofrequency (RF). The device targets select fat cells contributing to unwanted fat pockets, which therapeutically heats them until they are damaged enough not to survive. In just one truSculpt iD treatment session, up to 24 percent of fat reduction can be achieved.

The monopolar RF device permanently eliminates fat cells. The treatment involves placing a handpiece on the treatment area that emits monopolar RF energy into the fat layer. It evenly heats while keeping the skin at a comfortable temperature level. By heating the fat cells, truSculpt iD causes them to undergo apoptosis, a programmed cell death. The cells become irreversibly damaged and are disposed of naturally from the body over a 12 week period. TruSculpt iD can be performed on men and women of any skin tone desiring fat reduction in trouble areas.

Can the Two Treatments Be Combined?

TruSculpt flex and truSculpt iD are particularly spectacular treatments because they can be combined to achieve even more comprehensive treatments. The fat reduction abilities of truSculpt iD can be combined with the muscle-sculpting benefits of truSculpt Flex, resulting in a slimmer appearance that has more excellent muscle definition. Because both treatments are noninvasive, they will not require incisions, needles or general anesthesia.

During an initial consultation for either of these treatments, your goals and concerns will be reviewed to determine if you are well-suited for them. You may be recommended one treatment or a combination of the two to achieve the results you want.

Schedule a truSculpt flex or truSculpt iD Consultation at Vein Care Centre

Achieving the body you want can be challenging. Certain factors may prevent you from reaching your goals, such as your genetics which can potentially cause your body to harbor unwanted pockets of fat. Suppose you have spent countless hours at the gym and eaten consistently healthy but are still not achieving the results you want to. In that case, undergoing a truSculpt iD and truSculpt flex treatment can be incredibly beneficial. TruSculpt iD can destroy your unwanted fat cells, creating a slimmer image, while truSculpt flex can tone your physique by stimulating muscle contractions.

If you are a resident of northwestern Ohio and are interested in learning more about either of these treatments, please contact Vein Care Centre at 419-227-4472 or visit our contact page to schedule a truSculpt iD or truSculpt flex consultation.

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