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Best Treatments for Pigment and Age Spots

If you’ve begun to notice that the skin on your face and hands are showing increasing amounts of dark spots or changing pigmentation, you’re not alone. A variety of factors contribute to these issues, but at The Vein Care Center, we can help you address them efficiently and effectively.

What are Age Spots and Pigmentation?

Age spots are flat spots on your skin that are usually brown or black. Also known as sun spots or liver spots, they’re typically found on areas that get a lot of sun exposure – your hands, face, chest, and even your ears. Pigmentation is similar, manifesting itself through dark spots and blotches as well, but can also be a result of other issues.

These dark spots or blotchy areas are caused by excess melanin production. Melanin is a pigment that gives your skin, eyes, and hair their color, so the more melanin you have, the darker your skin will be. Melanin absorbs the UV rays of the sun, providing some protection from sun damage when the melanocytes (the cells that produce melanin) increase production in response to your skin being exposed to the sun. The result is darker skin, including freckles, which are just small, concentrated areas where melanin production has been increased. Anyone can develop age spots and pigmentation – every race and every gender has melanin in their skin – however, some people may have a higher risk than others, including those who:

  • Have light or very fair skin
  • Have a history of sun exposure or tanning bed use
  • Are over the age of 40

While sun damage is the primary cause of age spots and pigmentation, hormonal changes in women can also be the culprit. This is known as melasma, and occurs when the melanocytes respond to changes in your estrogen and progesterone levels. About 90 percent of pregnant women experience melasma, also called “the mask of pregnancy.” Scarring from injury or acne is also a form of pigmentation, leaving pale spots behind after the skin has healed.

What are the Best Treatments for Age Spots and Pigmentation Issues?

The good news is that age spots and pigmentation are purely cosmetic issues and don’t cause any health problems. They don’t need to be treated unless their appearance bothers you, and if it does, you can diminish their visibility or get rid of them altogether. Here at The Vein Care Center, Dr. Manu Aggarwal offers you options to eliminate age spots and pigmentation quickly, easily, and without pain or downtime.

Cutera® Laser Therapy

Dr. Aggarwal considers laser therapy to be the definitive treatment for pigment and age spots. She uses the Cutera® laser for this purpose, as the device is small and targets the specific spots you want to eliminate. The Cutera® laser is effective for all skin tones and types, and can be used to treat areas of pigmentation such as freckles, age spots, melasma, birthmarks and more. Treatment sessions usually last between 10 and 15 minutes, and while some patients may see the results they want after just one treatment, it may take two or more to completely erase the spots.

During your procedure, the Cutera® laser is used to direct an intense beam of light at the pigmented area we are treating. It is a quick, nearly painless procedure, as we focus the laser on the various spots targeted for removal. Over the five to seven days following your procedure, you will notice the spots darken, and then flake or peel off, revealing pink skin underneath as it heals.

While the results from the Cutera® laser are permanent, you may still find pigmentation and age spots popping up in other areas. This is normal, and is just your skin reacting to previous sun damage. It is vital that you wear sunscreen and avoid prolonged sun exposure as much as possible after your treatment to prevent more age spots. Dr. Aggarwal will provide you with instructions on how to best care for your skin after your treatment.

HydraFacial MD®

The HydraFacial MD® is a multi-step process designed to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, extracting clogged pores gently yet deeply to remove impurities and administer helpful serums packed with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptides to the skin.


Microdermabrasion is a powerful, virtually painless treatment that is extremely effective at sloughing off the dry, dead cells on the surface of your skin, exposing the fresher, younger looking skin underneath.

Your best option for removing pigmentation and age spots is the Cutera® laser, however, both the HydraFacial MD® and microdermabrasion can be used as complementary treatments to enhance your results. Dr. Aggarwal can provide you with options and diagnoses during your consultation.

If you are troubled by age spots or pigmentation on your face and hands, and are looking for an easy solution to give you beautiful results, call The Vein Care Center today at 419-227-4472 to schedule your appointment for a Cutera® laser, HydraFacial MD®, or microdermabrasion treatment.

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