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Spring in Ohio

While you’re working on nourishing your skin and improving your circulation for healthy veins, why not have some fun? Living in Lima opens up the playing field for learning more about nature and the community, as you get moving and explore every activity possible in the area. If you’re just getting to know your neighborhoodRead More

Why Choose Vein Care Center?

Vein disease requires specialized care to receive an accurate diagnosis of the problem and the best possible treatment options. At Vein Care Center, you will receive the high level of service you are looking for, from a staff that is trained to handle all types of vein disease. They are also the only accredited VascularRead More

7 Reasons to Choose Vein Care Center

1) IAC Accredited in Vein Centers and Vascular Testing The Vein Care Center is the 4th in the state and part of the first 50 in the country to be designated as an accredited Vein Center 2) Patients are treated like family We work closely with the hospitals and providers in the area to provideRead More

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