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What is the best laser for tattoo removal?

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That tattoo you once loved, that you had a blast getting, that has so many memories attached to it — it just doesn’t seem right for you anymore, does it? Maybe that special relationship ended, or you’re now in a job where it will just seem out of place. Perhaps, as you’ve gotten a little older, it doesn’t look like it used to anymore. Whatever the reason, it’s time for the tattoo to go. However, you’ve heard that tattoo removal can be really difficult and sometimes leave you looking worse than with the tattoo due to scarring and blemishing that you definitely don’t want.

Some of what you’ve heard is true. Tattoos can be heard to remove, and some are harder to remove than others. And yes, some tattoo removal techniques can be painful, time-consuming, ineffective and either leave some of your tattoo still visible (half a tattoo is still a tattoo) or leave you with pigmentation issues when the tattoo removal technique also removes some of the color of your skin along with the color of the ink. However, tattoo removal technology has improved significantly in recent years, and one technology, in particular, gives individuals who want to say goodbye to their tattoos a safe and effective option.

The challenges of tattoo removal, and why older laser methods produced poor results

Tattoos are easy to get, but why are they so hard to remove? There are several answers to this question. The first is that there are many different kinds of ink made by a variety of different manufacturers, and each has its own formula and processes for making their ink. This results in variable ink particle sizes as well as a host of other differences. So a black ink from one company will not share the exact particle size that black ink from another company does. A successful laser tattoo removal procedure must have an adjustable intensity to account for and deal with the many different kinds of ink there are.

Another reason tattoo removal is challenging is that some colors pigments can be much more difficult to remove than others, which means that for some colors the dye might remain in your skin while for other colors the dye can be removed almost completely. This means that when you are selecting a tattoo removal procedure, you will want to select one that has adjustable wavelengths which will allow the laser to handle the different colors you may have in your tattoo equally and effectively. An adjustable wavelength laser will also protect your skin since your doctor will have more control over the laser and there will be less likelihood of you losing skin pigmentation in the process as well. If you select a laser treatment that doesn’t have adjustable wavelengths, your results will likely disappoint.

Another reason that older methods to remove tattoos gave individuals poor results is the “heat” factor. Most older laser tattoo removal procedures generated a lot of heat and put that heat into the skin where it did a lot of damage and caused scarring. All lasers generate heat; however, if you can control the length of time the laser energy is within your skin, you can control and eliminate to a large degree any potential for scarring, giving you a tattoo removal that will leave your skin looking very close to the way it does now — minus the tattoo.

The Difference Cutera Enlighten Can Make

Cutera Enlighten answers the common problems that other laser tattoo removal systems can’t. Cutera offers several features unique in tattoo removal treatments that directly address the biggest problems of tattoo removal. To start, consider how it handles the various kinds of ink that are out there.

First, the Cutera Enlighten laser has multiple “pulse” settings which means your doctor can adjust the intensity of the laser to treat the various sizes of ink particles you may have in your skin. This means that the Cutera laser will do a better job of breaking up the ink which your lymphatic system will later carry away. The Cutera Enlighten laser’s ability to break up larger particles into smaller and smaller particles means you will likely see much better results than you would from other lasers on the market.

Secondly, Cutera has also developed a variable wavelength technology, which your doctor can adjust to handle the various colors of ink particles that are on the market and in your skin. Different colors respond better do different laser wavelengths. Different wavelengths also give your doctor a better ability to reach ink particles at different depths in your skin, an ability not all laser treatments have. Having more wavelengths means your doctor will have more options during your tattoo removal procedure, better enabling them to remove as much of the tattoo coloration from your skin as possible. Cutera Enlighten has three wavelengths for your doctor to choose from — more than any other laser currently on the market.

The Cutera Enlighten laser also has “pulse” control which allows your doctor to control the precise amount of energy emitted by the laser and the duration of the laser bursts which your body will absorb. This has two critical benefits to you. First, it allows your doctor to vary the strength of the laser, as needed, to break up the ink particles in your skin with greater effectiveness. Even more importantly, Cutera Enlighten’s pulse control makes the procedure safer for you. Since your doctor can control the amount of laser energy and heat in your skin, you have significantly less chance of adverse effects of the laser treatment during your procedure.

The best option for your tattoo removal — Cutera Enlighten

You may have really wanted that tattoo once, and now you may really want it off. The good news is that in the most number of cases you can now have it safely removed and, in as many cases, nearly completely if you choose the right procedure. Cutera Enlighten provides best-in-class features to handle the unique problems that tattoo removal presents and which other lasers can’t. It also limits the possible damage your skin could suffer during your tattoo removal. Cutera Enlighten is the only laser that has three variable wavelengths and pulse control, and that’s why we’ve selected it as the exclusive tattoo removal procedure in our offices. If it’s time to get rid of that tattoo, and you live in the Lima area or adjacent counties, we can help you look great again — and tattoo free.

Cutera Enlighten laser tattoo removal is a safe treatment that has given many of our patients the clean start they have wanted for a long time. If you would like to learn more or get started with your tattoo removal procedure, contact Dr. Aggarwal today. Dr. Aggarwal is a board-certified and aesthetic-laser certified family physician specializing in vein disease. You can reach her at the Vein Care Center at 419-227-4472. You can also visit our Celina, Ohio office or our Bluffton, Ohio office which will be open soon. We look forward to treating you.

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