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Tattoo Regrets?

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Many of the decisions made in our youth could fall under the heading “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” One of the most common regrets are tattoos that are now unwanted – in fact, more than one-quarter of those that have tattoos wish they didn’t. Tattoo remorse is something our patients express each and every day, and they come to us at the Vein Care Center (VCC) because they know we’re the clinic with the most effective tattoo removal system in Ohio.

As we age, our skin changes (as well as our minds) and what you may have thought was a fashion statement once upon a time might now be an embarrassment. For many, it’s the style of the tattoo or how the design or placement of the tattoo has been affected by aging. The only problem now is how to get rid of the tattoo, especially when you remember your mother telling you it was permanent!

Dr. Aggarwal looked for the best possible treatment for tattoo removal – something with the ability to be comfortable, treat multiple skin types, and restore the skin without damage. Eventually, she settled on the Enlighten laser device by Cutera, and it became a treatment staple that has helped our patients finally address their tattoo regret. But before we talk about the device, let’s talk about the concept of laser tattoo removal.

What is laser tattoo removal?

When you have a tattoo done, ink is distributed into your skin via tiny punctures using a special mechanical needle. There are many ways, colors, and styles used in creating a tattoo and that means the ink may absorb deeper into the skin, depending on the artist, design, etc. Using laser tattoo removal, we use light energy to penetrate into the layers of the skin and cause pigment disruption to the tattoo ink. Previously, other tattoo removal devices caused residual damage to the surrounding skin cells in order to reach the pigment, because there was only one type of energy wavelength and speed available. Now, with our Enlighten laser tattoo removal device, we can target only the ink pigments and maintain skin cell health without damage

During treatment with the Enlighten laser at VCC, Dr. Aggarwal can assess the skin and existing tattoo pigments needing to be removed by applying laser energy to the skin. Because the Enlighten system is unlike any other you’ll find for tattoo removal, there are two different wavelengths we can use to both erase tattoo color as well as scatter pigment using picosecond and nanosecond technology, resulting in shorter treatment times overall. Lasers used in tattoo removal are usually made with single pigment shattering ability, but that can mean you only get the effective removal of black or blue, without any attention to colors like yellow, green, violet and red. Having an expanded pigment range gives you the best chance to see a big reduction in the appearance of the tattoo. Laser tattoo removal will absorb directly into these tattoo pigments to break up the color, causing your body to absorb this pigment and gradually remove it from sight. This system is much safer for the skin and can treat every skin type from light to dark without worry.  Results depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Size of the tattoo
  • The variety of colors involved
  • Ink type
  • Where the tattoo is located (arm, back, and ankle are most common)
  • Whether or not the tattoo has been redone multiple times

Dr. Aggarwal will determine how many sessions are needed to remove your unwanted tattoo. We offer even more of this Enlighten laser tattoo removal technology with the ability to treat larger areas and different types of ink. VCC is the first in the nation to offer a 670nm wavelength laser tattoo removal treatment that can get through all the toughest pigments. We also use the same laser for PICO Genesis, the revolutionary treatment for melasma, pigmentation and more. Schedule your appointment now at 419-227-4472 and see improved skin where the tattoo used to be so you can move forward in your life with confidence.

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