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5 Good Reasons to Get a Vein Treatment Procedure When It’s Cool Outside

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As hard as it may be to say goodbye to summer, getting to wear long pants and jeans again may well bring on a sigh of relief if you have unsightly varicose veins or spider veins. The good news is the cool months offer the ideal time to get vein treatment before shorts weather comes back around. Vein treatment options have come a long way with new technologies that make full-blown surgery unnecessary.

Call the Vein Care Center today at 419-227-4472 to schedule a free screening and get the ball rolling. By taking steps to check out available treatment options today, your recovery time will be easier, and it won’t infringe on your holiday season activities. Here are more than a few reasons to get vein surgery now rather than later.

Here are five good reasons to get vein treatment now:

1. Varicose Veins Get Worse in Winter

Not being able to go outside as much means a less active lifestyle during the winter months. With cold and blustery conditions, your daily walk or biking time gets replaced with an indoor activity like reading or watching TV. This decrease in activity can actually cause your varicose veins to get worse.

Extended inactivity can lead to blood pooling in the legs, which not only makes varicose and spider veins look worse, but also causes achiness and swelling. Getting treatment before summer makes for a more comfortable holiday season overall.

2. Compression Stockings Are More Comfortable to Wear in the Cooler Months

Wearing compression stockings before and after vein treatment is part of the recovery process. Compression stockings promote healthy blood circulation in the legs. Stockings also promote healing and prevent bruising after the procedure.

Cool weather months offer the most comfortable time for wearing compression stockings. Stockings can get hot in the summer and wearing pants or jeans to cover them up in the more temperate months is more comfortable. Compression stockings may also add a needed layer of warmth during the colder months.

3. Summertime Is Open Season for Wearing Shorts

Patients typically find it takes one to two months for varicose and spider veins to fade away completely after vein treatment. This means, getting the procedure performed in the summer will put a significant dent in your shorts-wearing time, not to mention bathing suit attire. On the other hand, having the treatment done during the fall, winter, or spring months allows plenty of time for healing. By the time summer rolls around, your legs will be looking smooth and healthy and feeling good.

4. Limited Activity

Going on vacation, swimming at the lake and other outdoor activities are what makes summertime fun. You certainly don’t want to have to pass up family activities and fun outings due to recovery time restrictions. While today’s non-invasive vein treatments do allow for modest activity after the procedure is done, some downtime will be necessary to allow your legs to heal fully. Missing out on summertime fun isn’t a problem when you get the procedure done in the spring.

5. Less Sun Exposure

Getting too much sun after a vein treatment procedure can wreak havoc on the skin and lengthen your healing time considerably. Too much sun will actually cause the skin to dry out, which inhibits the skin’s ability to move. When this happens, the capillaries under the skin don’t move as they should so normal blood circulation is restricted. All of this adds up to longer recovery time and may even cause your veins to stay dark for longer. The colder months offer less sun exposure overall, and you’ll likely be wearing pants or jeans during this time. On average, it’s best to avoid direct sunlight for three to eight weeks after a vein treatment procedure.

Recovery Time – Things to Keep in Mind

The length of time you’ll need for recovery will depend on the extent of your vein procedure. Soreness usually only lasts a few days and is not substantial enough to keep you from most of your activities. Some bruising may also occur, but this is normal and only lasts for a few weeks.

While you should be able to carry out your daily routines, it’s best to avoid strenuous activities, such as jogging, biking and aerobic exercise for at least two weeks after your procedure. Placing too much pressure or strain on the legs during recovery only works against the healing process. With all this in mind, fall, winter, and spring are the best times to have vein treatment done so you’ll be up and about and ready to go by the time summer arrives.

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