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Am I a Vein Treatment Candidate

Am I a Vein Treatment Candidate

Approximately half the U.S population experience vein problems at some stage of their life. Fortunately, residents in Lima, Celina and Findlay can turn to board-certified physician Dr. Manu B. Aggarwal at the Vein Care Center for their vein health needs. As a highly qualified specialist in venous disease, Dr. Aggarwal can help to identify and diagnose your vein issues and determine whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment.

Who is a Good Candidate for Vein Treatment?

The most suitable candidates for vein procedures are men and women who are in overall good health and have realistic expectations about their results. Depending on your condition, symptoms and risk factors, Dr. Aggarwal will determine whether vein treatment is an appropriate option for you. The only way to know if you are a candidate is to schedule a consultation at the Vein Care Center, where our specialists can analyze your symptoms and determine the best way to proceed.

Generally, patients may not be suitable candidates for vein treatment if they fall into one of the following categories:

  • You are currently pregnant
  • You have recently given birth (within three months of delivery)
  • You are bedridden

If you are suffering from any other medical conditions or have previously experienced issues with blood clots or ulcers, Dr. Aggarwal will determine your eligibility in an in-person consultation.

Risk Factors

Various factors can increase your risk of developing vein problems. In some cases, being aware of these risk factors can give you a better idea of how to prevent vein issues from occurring. However, some influences, such as genetics, may be beyond your control. Risk factors for developing vein disorders include:

  • Family history – Having relatives with vein problems may increase your risk of developing the condition.
  • Age – The aging process can affect the valves in your veins, often causing them to weaken and diminishing their function.
  • Gender – Some vein disorders, such as varicose veins, are more prevalent in women. This is usually due to hormonal changes that occur during puberty, pregnancy, menopause or the use of birth control pills.
  • Pregnancy – During pregnancy, the growing fetus puts pressure on the leg valves, often leading to varicose veins.
  • Obesity – Being overweight can add pressure to your veins, which can lead to various complications.
  • Lack of movement – Standing or sitting for long periods, particularly with your legs bent or crossed, can increase your risk of developing vein disease, such as varicose veins. This is because your veins work harder to pump blood when you are stationary for a long time.

Signs and Symptoms

Depending on your condition, you may not suffer any obvious physical symptoms. However, many patients with vein irregularities suffer at least one of the following problems:

  • Swelling of the legs, ankles or other affected area
  • Prominent or bulging veins that appear red, blue or purple
  • Cramping, throbbing or aching in the legs
  • Feelings of heaviness or tightness
  • Thickening of the skin
  • Discoloration, especially around the ankles
  • Itchiness
  • Ulcers

How Are Vein Diseases Diagnosed?

At the Vein Care Center, Dr. Aggarwal draws on the most advanced diagnostic techniques to accurately identify and address venous conditions. In your consultation, she will examine your condition and inquire about your symptoms, risk factors and overall health. With advanced ultrasound technology, Dr. Aggarwal may also conduct a screening to ascertain whether there are any underlying circulatory issues or problem veins beneath your skin. Based on this evaluation, our vein specialists will design a treatment plan tailored specifically to your medical needs and cosmetic goals.

Do I Need A Referral?

The Vein Care Center is the largest and most experienced accredited vein center serving patients in Lima, Celina and beyond. While many of our patients are referred by other doctors, you can also self-refer and visit our clinic if you have any concerns about your vascular health. If your procedure is determined medically necessary, our vein specialists can walk you through the insurance process to ensure a smooth and seamless treatment journey.

Should I Get Vein Treatment?

If you are experiencing any uncomfortable or painful physical symptoms, it is vital to undergo a vein examination. Leaving the issue untreated may lead to further complications that can threaten your circulatory health and overall wellbeing. Additionally, if you have noticed prominent, bulging or unsightly veins developing underneath the skin, you may consider addressing the issue for cosmetic reasons. Whether your concerns are medical or cosmetic, it is crucial to consult a vein specialist, as the problem may be indicative of a more severe health concern.

For optimal results, Dr. Aggarwal can design an individualized treatment plan that addresses both your medical requirements and aesthetic goals. Beyond this, Dr. Aggarwal is dedicated to protecting the long-term health of her patients; she will help you understand how to prevent vein problems from recurring and how to encourage a healthy and functional circulatory system.

Schedule Your Consultation at Ohio’s Leading Clinic for Venous Care and Treatment

Your veins play an integral role in your body’s ability to function. If you experience any irregularities or issues, consult a qualified and experienced specialist who can determine the most suitable course of treatment. For patients in Lima, Celina, Findlay and the surrounding areas of Hancock County, OH, this is board-certified and aesthetic-laser-certified family physician, Dr. Manu B. Aggarwal.

At the Vein Care Center, we are committed to providing patients with the utmost professional care and treatment. We offer the most advanced vein procedures available to help patients restore smoother, natural-looking skin and achieve better vascular health. If you are concerned about your vein health and would like to know if you are a candidate for treatment, contact our clinic at 419 227 4472 to schedule your consultation today.

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