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Hair loss is a common concern for many Americans. Nearly 100 million Americans, both men and women, are affected by it. Because hair loss is so widespread, many treatments have been developed and pushed as a cure. If you suffer from hair loss, you’re probably all too familiar with the seemingly endless lineup of treatments claiming to regrow your hair. But perhaps you haven’t yet heard of KeraLase, a cutting-edge nonsurgical laser treatment for hair restoration.

KeraLase involves making micro-channels in areas of the scalp where hair loss is prominent and introducing a proprietary blend of skin proteins and growth factors to stimulate hair growth. If you’re a resident of northwestern Ohio and are struggling with hair loss, please contact the Vein Care Center at 419-227-4472 or visit our contact page. You can schedule a consultation and one of our providers can determine if KeraLase is right for you.

What Is KeraLase?

The KeraLase treatment contains two parts: the specially designed LaseMD Ultra laser and the specially formulated KeraFactor proprietary blend. The fractional LaseMD Ultra laser creates nonablative micro-lesions in your scalp, which increases the absorption of KeraFactor. KeraFactor features seven concentrated bio-identical growth factors and skin proteins. When these growth factors and skin proteins are introduced to your scalp, they improve your hair follicles’ function and ultimately stimulate hair growth. The proteins of KeraFactor are also wrapped in nanoliposome, which facilitates absorption and causes five to seven times greater absorption.

KeraLase is a patent-pending technology that is the result of six years of intensive research. The KeraFactor proprietary blend is the only commercially available topical product to have a complete set of growth factors in such a high concentration.

Who Is a Good KeraLase Candidate?

KeraLase is a suitable treatment for men and women of any age or hair type. However, as is probably apparent, a candidate must be experiencing hair loss to be considered. The treatment is likely to work best for candidates who live a healthy lifestyle and have good eating habits. These two factors can not only influence your overall health but influence your hair growth. It’s also essential for you to have realistic expectations if considering treatment. As with any procedure, the success depends on how well the individual’s body responds.

KeraLase may be perfect if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

  • Male-pattern baldness
  • Female-pattern baldness
  • Receding hairline
  • Patchy hair loss
  • Alopecia

How Is KeraLase Performed?

KeraLase requires six total treatments to attain optimal results. The treatment should be performed once every two weeks for a total of 12 weeks. Your KeraLase procedure begins with applying the LaseMD Ultra laser to your scalp. The laser feels like a warm, pricking sensation but is generally tolerable. Once the microchannels have been created, the topical KeraFactor is applied, and it begins stimulating your hair follicles. The entire treatment is relatively quick, lasting approximately 30 minutes.

After meeting with our KeraLase provider, you will be given detailed instructions on what you should do between treatment sessions to ensure your KeraLase treatment is a success. Provided instructions should be followed closely as they will help you attain the greatest amount of hair restoration. You may be recommended the KeraFactor Spray to apply each day in between treatments.

When Will I Notice My KeraLase Results?

Immediately after your KeraLase treatment, you may experience mild redness on your scalp, but this should fade away after several hours.

If you follow the recommended KeraLase treatment sessions, hair improvement results could be visible in three months. It’s reported that patients often see results in two to four months. However, as mentioned, you must keep in mind that everyone responds differently to the treatment. Your individual biology can determine the success of KeraLase. If your KeraLase treatment is a success, you can maintain your results by having subsequent KeraLase sessions performed two to three times a year.

Schedule a KeraLase Consultation at Vein Care Center

Hair loss is a frustrating ordeal. Prematurely losing your hair can result in reduced self-confidence, affecting how you perceive yourself and how others may perceive you. If you suffer from hair loss, you’re probably all too familiar with the hundreds of medications and treatments boasting that they can help give you thicker, fuller hair. Maybe you’ve tried some, but the result was always the same: your hair loss continued.

KeraLase is an advanced hair loss solution that represents a new generation of hair restoration treatments. If you’re struggling with hair loss, please contact Vein Care Center at 419-227-4472 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation.

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