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Who Wears Short Shorts? You Do!

Summer may be half over, but if you have yet to pull your short shorts out of the closet this season due to embarrassment over your legs, it’s not too late to make a change. When spider veins are putting a cramp in your style, the team at Vein Care Center can help. We offer a nonsurgical solution for spider veins that stops them in their tracks and give you the smoother, sexier legs you will be proud to flaunt under your favorite shorts and skirts.

About those Pesky Spider Veins

Spider veins are vessels that become visible on the surface of the skin, appearing as red, blue or purple lines. In many cases, the form in a cluster that might resemble a spider’s web – which is where they got their name. There are different factors that might contribute to the formation of your spider veins:

  • Genetics
  • Trauma to the skin
  • Sun damage
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Some medications or medical conditions

Spider veins can also be caused by an underlying vein disorder known as chronic venous insufficiency or CVI. This condition, which is also a common culprit in varicose veins, occurs when valves inside the vessels weaken and allow blood to pool inside. The result is swelling of the vein due to increased pressure inside and the formation of a visible vessel like a varicose or spider vein. If your spider veins are located around your lower leg and ankle, and if they are accompanied by symptoms like pain and swelling, it is a good idea to have them assessed by a vein specialist that can determine whether CVI is present.

Spider veins are primarily a cosmetic concern in most cases. However, if embarrassment over spider veins is preventing you from enjoying your summer to the fullest, treatment can eliminate the visible veins and improve the appearance of your legs.

Introducing Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is an injectable procedure that is considered the gold standard for treating spider veins and smaller varicose veins. This treatment involves administering a sclerosing solution directly into the vessel via a fine needle. The agent irritates the lining of the vessel, causing the vein walls to seal closed. The vein collapses and the body reabsorbs it over time, while you see a visible improvement on the surface of your skin.

Sclerotherapy has evolved somewhat over the years, with more effective solutions now available to treat a broader range of vein issues. Liquid sclerotherapy is usually the best choice for smaller spider veins. However, foam formulations are now offered to treat larger vessels, allowing for greater versatility with this procedure.

Injectable Treatment, No Downtime

Dr. Aggarwal and/or her nursing staff perform sclerotherapy right in her office and patients do not typically need anesthetic before injections. You might feel some slight burning as the solution goes into the vein, but this only lasts a minute or two. Once the agent is administered, you will be able to return to regular activities right away.

Dr. Aggarwal may recommend you wear compression stockings for a few days following your treatment to promote healing and robust blood flow to the area. It is a good idea to avoid direct sun exposure on the treatment area immediately following treatment to prevent any possible discoloration from occurring. Iron supplements can also cause discoloration, so it is best to avoid these before and after sclerotherapy.

Getting the Results You Want

You may see preliminary results of your sclerotherapy treatment immediately following your procedure. However, your outcome will improve over time as well, as the treated veins are eradicated and healthy blood flow restored. Most of our patients will need three to five treatment sessions to achieve the full results they want from sclerotherapy. Our sclerotherapy specialist will discuss your treatment plan with you at your first appointment so you have a good idea of how many sessions you might need.

Sclerotherapy Alternatives

Some spider veins may be too small to treat with sclerotherapy. For these patients, we offer laser therapy using the Cutera Excel V, a device that targets the pigment in the blood to coagulate the visible vein and seal it closed. This procedure may be performed alone or in conjunction with sclerotherapy to provide patients with the best possible results.

Is Sclerotherapy Right for You?

Sclerotherapy is an effective way to eliminate spider and smaller varicose veins for both medical and cosmetic reasons. In addition to achieving better aesthetics, this procedure will likely eradicate any accompanying symptoms like pain, leg fatigue or heaviness in the legs. The procedure has a long history of safety and efficacy, giving our patients peace-of-mind when they come to us for their vein treatment.

While sclerotherapy can be an effective treatment for many of our patients, it isn’t right for everyone. At the Vein Care Center, we feature a variety of vein treatments so that we can tailor your procedure to your exact needs. All our procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and involve little or no discomfort and downtime.

Don’t let spider veins get in the way of your summer enjoyment. Contact the Vein Center today at 419-227-4472 or 866-472-4472 to find out if sclerotherapy is the right treatment choice for you.

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