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Ultherapy® Technology


Over the years, many modalities have been developed using different types of heating and cooling energy to reduce fat, create collagen or cause tightening and lifting of skin. It is very important for people considering any treatments to understand how the technology is working to create the desired effect(s).

The above picture shows how different modalities work at various depths of the skin. Lasers work very superficially on the skin, penetrating the epidermal layer of the skin and dermal layers where collagen and hair reside. Lasers are precise and target specific concerns (hair, pigment spots, spider veins, etc.). The results are consistent and concise.

Radiofrequency is a bulk heating, where the heat is placed into the skin and there is no exact-ness to where the heat gets distributed. Therefore, results can be inconsistent with treatments. There is some variability in the technique as well as the results. Thus, it is important to research the treatment before and after photographs to see consistent results.

Ultherapy® has taken this proven technology of heat and delivers it via ultrasound at various depths to achieve thermal damage to the collagen located in the dermal and sub-dermal layers of the skin. The treatment also shows the area(s) to be treated on a screen, just like you would see when having an ultrasound done. This assures that the heat is visibly delivered to the target treatment area. The results are more consistent across the country than radiofrequency.

At the Vein Care Center, our Ultherapists have years of ultrasound experience. We are also an accredited ultrasound facility and perform over 250 ultrasounds each month. When we researched this technology, we saw consistent results and felt we were the best office to offer this modality to achieve a tightened and lifted face, neck, décolletage area.


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