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Say Goodbye to Your Radiation Tattoo for Free

radiation tattoo removal

While breast cancer awareness month is ending, women who have experienced a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment will continue to live with the lasting reminders of their cancer journey. For some, those markings and scars become a sign of a battle won. For others, the visible signs of treatment may serve as a painful reminder of the event. For those women, we continue to offer free removal of radiation tattoos so women that have undergone radiation treatment can eliminate the signs of that part of their past.

The Purpose of Radiation Tattoos

Radiation tattoos are a permanent marking on the breast to indicate precisely where the radiation needs to be delivered with each treatment. Because they are durable, they can mark the area throughout the radiation treatment process without concern they will disappear in the shower or pool. In most cases, they consist of four small dots that show the corners of the area that needs to be treated. Some patients only require one or two dots to pinpoint the treatment location.

Radiation tattoos begin with the application of a drop of blue or black ink, which is permanently placed into the dermis with a fine needle. The procedure is not overly painful, and most patients find it more comfortable than an IV or blood draw. The tattoos are often placed in areas that will be safely hidden under clothing as well, although some may be visible when wearing a bikini.

Even though radiation tattoos are not overly noticeable, for some women, they serve as an unpleasant reminder of their experience with cancer. These women often choose to have the tattoos removed once they are given the okay by their oncologist to do so.

Reasons for Eliminating Them

Women may choose to get rid of radiation tattoos for a variety of reasons:

  • Their oncologist has determined removal will be safe and won’t compromise future treatment
  • The markings are in a visible location of the breast, making them self-conscious about their appearance
  • Women don’t want to be reminded about their cancer and treatment
  • Women choose to embrace life after cancer with a fresh look
  • Tattoo removal procedures today are both quicker and less painful than previous methods

If you are ready to say goodbye to your radiation tattoos, the staff at Vein Care Center can help. Contact us today for an assessment of your markings and information about the removal process.

Best Treatment Options

In the past, the only way to remove body ink was through sanding the area or performing a skin graft to cover up the ink. Today, tattoo removal is accomplished much more safely and effectively using laser technology. Laser energy allows for removal of the tattoo without cutting or otherwise causing extensive damage to the skin and surrounding tissue.

Numerous laser devices promise to remove unwanted body ink including radiation tattoos, not all are created equal. Early laser devices removed most ink but often left burning or scarring behind. The introduction of picosecond technology allowed for more efficient tattoo removal with fewer potential side effects. This method delivers rapid pulses of laser energy that shatter the ink pigment so that it can be eliminated by natural body processes.

Now, the next generation of picosecond technology has arrived with both picosecond and nanosecond delivery. The creation of even smaller particles means we can remove nearly all ink colors entirely and in fewer treatment sessions. While this device is particularly beneficial for larger, more stubborn body art, is also offers benefit in the removal of radiation tattoos.

The Treatment Process

The removal of radiation tattoos can usually be completed in a single session at Vein Care Center. We can apply a topical numbing cream to the area prior to treatment to ensure your comfort during the process. Once the area is numb, a handheld device delivers the laser energy directly into the tattoo ink. The process only takes a few minutes to complete for most of our patients.

After your treatment, you may notice your skin is red and slightly tender and swollen. These side effects do not typically last more than a day or two and are not bothersome enough to keep you from your daily tasks. It is essential that you protect the treated area from direct sun exposure to prevent complications that can arise when the skin comes in contact with UV rays.

Providing a New Path for Survivors

Surviving a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment requires strength and stamina, often more than a woman realizes she has until she is in the thick of the experience. Surviving breast cancer is something that should be celebrated. We want to join you in your celebration by offering free removal of those radiation tattoos that you are ready to say goodbye to forever. To learn more about radiation tattoo removal, schedule your appointment at Vein Care Center today by calling us at 419-227-4472.

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