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Laser hair removal: not only does it remove hair, but also discoloration

Hair is not cool. Bald is in. Swimmers and cyclists shave their body to gain speed. Dads shave their backs to go to the pool.

Lasers have transformed our ability to remove hair…which can include discoloration and irritation to the skin. When hair becomes ingrown, small acne-like bumps can occur due to the irritation around the hair follicle. This irritation starts as red bumps and can progresses to become darkened. This process of redness to a darkening can be referred to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH); the hair follicle becomes inflammed from the ingrown hair and then turns to a dark, discolored area on the skin around the follicle. When it occurs on the face, it is called pseudofolliculitis barbae. Again, however, the discoloration can be seen in the underarms, bikii area and legs most commonly.

This patient has had 4 treatments, spaced approximately 6 weeks to 8 weeks apart. The first photograph is at initial treatment. The second photograph is at before the 4th treatment. The number of treatments typically range from 5-8. However, the number of treatments is determined by the location, hair density, hair coarsness and desire of each patient. All of our packages include 5 sessions.



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