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Laser Tattoo Removal

Can a laser really remove a tattoo completely? Absolutely! By breaking up the tattoo pigment into tiny particles, the body is able to absorb the ink with no scarring.


1. Is it painful?
In our office, the treated area is numbed prior to treatment. We use lidocaine with epinephrine. We may also use a prescription cream called Emla that you will place on your skin prior to your treatment.

2. How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments to remove a tattoo varies based on colors of ink, density, and size. However, we know that most tattoos typically take three to eight sessions to remove with approximately three months in between each session. Three months in between gives the body’s immune system and lymphatics adequate time to flush out the small ink particles.

3. How much is tattoo removal?
The price of tattoo removal depends on the size of the tattoo and the number of sessions. We can customize our prices to fit your budget.

4. Will my skin be normal?
Laser treatments for any area of concern can cause scarring, blistering and wounds. With tattoo removal, you may see some blisters, but as you can see below, with the new technology, there is no scarring and the skin is normal. Why? The ink particles are broken down into tiny particles and not “stuck” within the skin causing scarring and puckering of the skin.

5. How does tattoo removal work?
Tattoo removal works by breaking the ink particles into tiny particles using picosecond and nanosecond technology. Picosecond has been out for a while, which is newer than Q-switch. Cutera® added nanosecond technology to picosecond to come up with the most comprehensive and effective technology to remove tattoos. Here is a video that explains the “old” technology versus the newest technology we have at the Vein Care Center. We were the first in the state of OH to have this technology, the Enlighten™ by Cutera®.

Case #1:

This is the original tattoo:

Laser Tattoo RemovalBlogFeb2016 Image

This is the tattoo after two treatments:

Laser Tattoo RemovalBlogFeb2016 Image2

Case #2:

This is the original tattoo:

Laser Tattoo Image 3

This is the tattoo during treatment:

Laser Tattoo Image 4

This is the tattoo immediately after treatment:

Laser Tattoo Image 5

This is the tattoo after two treatments:

Laser Tattoo Image 6

In addition to removing embarrassing, outdated tattoos we also offer FREE radiation tattoo removal for all cancer survivors with a letter from the cancer-treating physician stating the radiation marks are no longer needed.

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